The business review of mobilities

16 July 2020
The VEDECOM Tech team went to Rennes February 11, 2020 in order to evaluate an innovative autonomous experiment, deployed within the framework of the SAM project, associating the manufacturers Navya and EasyMile. Competition or positive collaboration? Discover the logbook of our visit. Lire l'article
What levers for the retrofit market development ?
16 July 2020
Give a brand new electric life to regular petrol engine vehicle to take part in the energy transition, an attractive idea ? The retrofit is for you ! Lire l'article
Which business model for new mobility solutions?
21 January 2020
A free service for users but not at a loss ? Public... Lire l'article
Free floating scooters, the race to conquer Paris!
21 January 2020
Public authorities must be actors in the development of new mobility... Lire l'article
Maas, multimodality, territories and new mobility solutions: the “LOM” law has been adopted.
21 January 2020
LOM law is finally effective. Needed to frame... Lire l'article